Twitter takes over your iPhone

The tech-chatter on the social web over the last week has revolved around smartphones; from Blackberry’s service-outage catastrophe, to Apple’s new iPhone 4S and its across-the-board roll-out of IOS5 for all its smartphone devices.

The availability of IOS5 on all iPhones and iPads meant it took a slight majority of the UK online conversation when compared with the iPhone 4S (54%), as all those existing iPhone/Pad customers looked forward to a host of new features for their device, all for free.

One of these features that caught my eye was IOS5’s new integration with Twitter. Apple seems to have paired off with the service as their sharing system of choice, and now when you go to share something on your apple device, Twitter will be there as an option.

As a brief breakdown: when you get the new update, Twitter will appear as a default option in your settings. From there you can choose to install the app, add your accounts and automatically update your entire contact list with their respective Twitter handles, presuming they have one.

Once set up, Twitter will be enabled in Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube and Maps, meaning that if you wish to share any of the information in those apps, Twitter will be there alongside email and MMS as an option.

What’s interesting to me is how this further pushes Twitter into the mainstream. Twitter becomes more and more ubiquitous in our news day after day, and as well as the new sign-ups the integration is bound to result in, it shows that with the full endorsement and adoption from a brand like Apple, (not to mention the unstoppable rise of mobile as the dominant web-browsing platform), Twitter is making determined steps in potentially replacing email as the number one online way of sharing information.

With Facebook-integration across Android phones already, they are still obviously a major player in this space, but the prestige of being aligned with such a trusted and popular brand like Apple cannot be underestimated.

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