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Welcome to our first ever blog post. We are excited to officially be up and running with our new site. 🙂

Anyone who has worked with us knows that we’re pretty obsessive, so our site took some serious chopping and changing before we were happy. We hope you like our new look and feel. Our launch imagery is a tribute to the famous Obama electoral campaign media designed by street artist and creator of OBEY – Shepard Fairey. It was a campaign not only synonymous with Social Media but with the idea of ‘Progress’ which was often pitched as a slogan against the campaign media.

Testify had to symbolise bringing something new to the industry rather than pitching ourselves as ‘yet another social media agency’. So our design team had some fun with giving our logo avatar some much needed presence.

So what about the blog? Well you can expect industry news, vertical buzz direct from our Testify Live monitoring platform and most importantly our opinion. We hope you will check in from time to time, share a comment and maybe even share one of our articles.

Don’t forget to follow, like or feed from us on your favorite channel if you like what you read. 🙂

Thats all for now!

The Testify team

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