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What is the value of a Facebook ‘like’? Recently there’s been a lot of debate about the value and ROI of a ‘like’ for a brand on Facebook. The subject is nothing new, the discussion had already started when business pages were first introduced. However, the circumstances have changed.

Facebook admitted that about 8.7% of its users are not ‘real’ and started deleting the fake profiles and ‘likes’. The targeted advertising Facebook wants to expand further needs to target real people, and as a result, a lot of brand pages have seen their follower numbers fall on the back of Facebook deleting fake profiles and ‘likes’. But we think that’s good news.

Buying fake ‘likes’ benefits no one, as the true value of a real ‘like’ lies in a genuine interest in connecting and engaging with a brand.

For their latest infographic, Lab24 ‘s surveyed 1000 Facebook users to investigate how liking a brand influences the consumer experience.

(Source: Lab42


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