Testify reveals Facebook ‘Best Newcomer 2011’ MOBO Awards application strategy

At Testify we love working with brands who are as passionate as we are about changing the status quo. So when we approached MOBO with the idea for a social powered ‘open’ race on Facebook for this years Best Newcomer Award we were extremely excited to see them embrace our vision and collaborate on a game changing voting mechanism for the awards industry.

Kanya King MBE, CEO and founder of the MOBO Awards commented: “The addition of the Facebook category will add even more excitement to the night – it is a first for MOBO as all previous awards have been hosted on www.mobo.com but we want to mix things up and move with the times. It will be great to see the fans get behind their favourite Best Newcomer”

Mobo facebook application picture Testify Best Newcomer

Testify MOBO Voting Application Facebook Best Newcomer 2011

View the campaign here: Facebook.com/mobooffical (Like and accept permissions to demo)

This is a good example of a social centric Testify strategy which not only delivers against core business objectives but also generates relevant noise and advocacy in the social channels most relevant to the MOBO audience…

  • Brand Benchmarking
  • Monitoring brand uplift
  • Brand engagement
  • Targeted community building

Overview of the campaign:
MOBO recognise the increasing importance of Social Media in the Music industry, particularly for new acts trying to ‘break’ and gather the attention of record labels. Often an artists ‘social fan base’ determines whether they get signed and indeed can influence the nature of the deal offered by the label.

With this in mind MOBO have welcomed social media into the 2011 ceremony with the Best Newcomer act being powered in its entirety by a Facebook voting mechanism created by social CRM agency Testify Digital.

The Voting Mechanism:
MOBO have shortlisted 10 nominees for the award each of whom will be tasked with using their Twitter, Facebook followers/fans and mailing lists etc. to visit facebook.com/moboofficial.

Open Voting:
The functionality of the Testify application will reflect an open voting system. This will allow the public to visit the ‘race’ in real time to see who is in the lead. More importantly the acts will also be able to check the current result. This will create a sense of excitement and competition around the award.

One vote/per fan/per 24 hours:
In a fresh twist to the traditional ballot, users will be able to vote once a day for their chosen act. This means that the act with the most loyal and dedicated fan base will be successful.

Given the importance of Social Media in todays ‘music media mix’, this award should be regarded as highly prestigious for the acts concerned as well as forward thinking and innovative in terms of embracing popular culture. This award truly embodies the brand values and ethic of the MOBO organisation.

Upon launch Testify doubled the MOBO Facebook community within 24 hours at an average of 11 likes per minute. Testifys policy of full strategic Social Media integration at every stage of the funnel means that these stats were achieved with NO PAID MEDIA to date.

Contact us using enquiries@testifydigital.com if you are a brand interested in innovative yet accountable digital, social strategies.

Stay tuned for updates on this campaign and a full case study, early October.


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